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St. Kitts Book Signing

That most certainly has to go down as one of the most fun things I've ever done. Talk about feeling the love. I even felt a little verklempt at times.

First I'd like to say thanks to everyone that made it all possible:

1) The powers that be for not letting it rain on me. As a matter of fact, the sun actually made an appearance.

2) Mr. X for letting me use his Shiggidy Shack for the venue, for all his efforts to work with me on the set-up, sponsoring the free drinks for the book buyers, and for even buying a copy when he hates to read (thanks to Esther for her purchase too). Since that's Maila in the picture, thanks to her too.

3) Pat, who borrowed some props from Destination Solutions (thanks Teresa!), set up a beautiful table.

4) Heather for not only helping to set up, but handling the money, handing out the books, and telling me people's names when I brain-farted and couldn't remember them.

5) Everyone of you who have held my hand through this process, rooted for me, and then bought a book (do I have pictures of all you Idiot fans?).

Ok, so first there was the set up. Table placards, posters, and video.

Next up? Cutting the coconuts, emptying them of their coconut water, and refilling them with one heck of a strong rum punch.


Another nice added touch were the drummers.

Mr. X wants to do this every Thursday (the complimentary rum punch and drummers), but I'm not sure there are enough coconuts to do that (many of the trees are dying of something). Books we did have though, so it was time to sell a few. Kat was the first in line...

and had to fight off Derek who was right behind.

Then I had to say good-bye to Alexandre & Patricia (France/Belgium) who bought a book last night even though they already had it on Kindle. I'll miss them, sniffle (I'm not sure why we look so awkward in that picture).

Michael's sister and family made it in yesterday too. There's his niece Annette after supporting the cause.

And then it was sign, sign, sign! (Thanks for the photo Liz - and the purchase).

Although I did know most of the people who bought last night, I also met a few folks who had been coming to St. Kitts for years and happened to be visiting again. I even re-met a couple that sailed with us to Nevis for a hash almost 3 years ago. This isn't everybody, but some photos came out better than others (thanks to Michael for playing photographer for the evening).

Can I just say - Fly Windies Mike - really, you wrote me a check for $50EC?! Sheesh. Bob and Laura, the 6-pack of Blue Moon was a nice touch. Yep, last night was a lot of fun. As if that wasn't enough, the Amazing, Blazing Fireman was out doing his thing, and TALL Thorne was kicking butt during the limbo (he won the prize from Abbotts Jewellery) when he wasn't drumming with the drummers.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and made the evening such a success. I do have plenty of books left, so if you wanted one and didn't get one, no worries. If you like the read, be sure to write a review on Amazon or email me so I can add it to my Chit Chat page. If you don't like it - shhhhhh.


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