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So why would two people chuck almost everything they own and set sail without a clue and why would others choose the cruising lifestyle?

Because some of us just aren’t cut out for the practical job, two kids, a house, two cars, and a dog lifestyle. Or we’ve had those already. We’re so lucky to be from a first world country that we’re actually bored by those things and need something else to make us feel alive and challenged.
Because it’s the only setup where you can be unemployed, spend half your time reading, quit shaving, and run around in soiled/ripped clothing (or none at all) and nobody thinks you’re lazy and pathetic or arrests you for indecent exposure.
Because when people come to visit you can take them to several exotic locations and they only have to unpack once. A bonus is that you can put up your sails and impress everyone even if you’re doing it all wrong.
Because even though it’s harder and harder to find a “secret” or private spot to drop anchor in order to sing karaoke and sit naked on the trampoline, those places still exist and it’s paradise when you find them.
Because no day is the same. You can’t predict anything (other than the fact that you WILL be fixing something).
Because you’re not working for someone else who’s probably pursuing this lifestyle him/herself using your sweat and blood to get there. It’s nice taking a break from rush hour, crowded malls, home repairs (ha!), and the humdrum routines we create. Although it is nice to come back to some of those things every once in a while too.
Because it’s refreshing to discover that some people still care about each other and that you can call for help any time and you’ll have half the harbor out to assist you before you can finish saying May Day.
Because you learn to be self-sufficient and build confidence. You listen to that inner voice and discover that it was smarter than you had previously given it credit for.
Because no matter how bad you tell people it is out here, you’ll always be considered a maverick. Even if you drop anchor and never move again. In a world where everyone is starting to look the same and wants the same things, it’s nice to stand out a little.
Because sometimes all the conditions (winds, waves) are just right, you have the perfect sail, and you actually feel like you belong out there.

Just like raising kids, it’s an amazing, indescribable experience mixed in with some equally shockingly painful moments. The good moments were so good they outweighed the bad. If the sea is calling – answer it!


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